Testimonials & Reviews

A few comments from our lovely customers...

"I would like to thank all the girls at Beauty Rooms, who are always very professional and friendly and would like to take this opportunity to welcome you back."

"Like many of us ladies I was thrilled to hear the Beauty Rooms were open for business again and was quick to add my name to the waiting list.


Sarah was in touch within a couple of days and my waxing appointment was in the book.


A couple of days before the appointment I received an email with a Covid 19 survey to complete.  Basically this is to check I hadn't had any symptoms or was living with anyone with symptoms which is all perfectly normal under our current circumstances and it only took a couple

of minutes to fill in and return.  The email also explained what to expect on the day and reminded me that I would need to wear a face mask for the duration of my visit.


*The day arrived and I duly waited outside the front door as instructed. Sarah was soon down to meet me, sterilising lotion in hand and visor in place.  All very reassuring.


The rest of the appointment pretty much went as it normally would apart from the wearing of masks and the use of paper towels on the beds rather than fluffy white ones. Again, this is understandable. After the appointment I was allowed into the reception area to pay and Sarah took me back downstairs to show me out again.


It all went like clockwork and to be honest, apart from having to wear masks and not being allowed into the building without one of the beauticians not much has changed.  Sarah and her team are as friendly and

professional as ever and they have gone to great lengths to make sure we are safe and well looked after in these strange times.


I will be back again in a few weeks time and woo hoo!  After the 1st August I will be able to get my eyebrows done too. Happy days."

"Had a leg wax felt COVID safe the minute I was greeted at the door and throughout my appointment. Always a professional and caring appointment at Beauty Rooms."

"What can I say; this treatment was relaxing, indulgent and I very nearly fell asleep!  I was given an exfoliation, then a warm clay mask was applied to my back. While this was setting, my therapist provided me with a luxurious foot and arm massage. The clay mask was then removed. This is definitely a treatment I would recommend to anyone, especially anyone missing their usual facials. I think some of your clients might even add this treatment to their wish lists. We all need to be pampered once in a while, even more so these days with all the extra stresses and strains we are all under. This treatment goes some way to giving you back some ME time. I would also like to say that I felt safe and that hygiene was of utmost importance to all the staff. Which is obviously crucial at this time."

"It was amazing to be able to return to the Beauty Rooms for a much longed for massage.  As always the welcome was warm and the treatment so relaxing and blissful.  Sarah and her team are always meticulous about hygiene anyway so i wasn't worried for a moment going back - and as expected everything was so well prepared for these tricky times and i honestly felt the experience was as wonderful as always and i can't wait to go back."

"I have been a client for over nine years. I can honestly say that I have always had received outstanding service. Sarah is the consummate professional. She clearly expects the same from her staff and I have always noticed she puts the time into training and supporting them. I have regular nail appointments, plus waxing, facials and massage. Once the salon reopened I made an appointment. I knew Sarah and the team would meet all the governments criteria and more. They certainly did just that. They ticked ever box. Despite being a little nervous at first I quickly felt at ease. Samantha did a fabulous job as usual  and I felt comfortable enough  to make a second appointment.

Thank you"

"I was so pleased to be able to have a pedicure after all these weeks of lockdown. I had no reservations about going to the salon. I found all the necessary precautions had been taken to reassure anybody going the salon that they would be in a safe and welcoming environment. I’m looking forward to booking a facial when possible."